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Think Twice Before Sending Erotic Pics to Someone

Oh, you know how you know how it goes. You start chatting with the girl, then you get over excited and it all ends in you sending her dick pics. Well, you are already smart enough if you are not starting your conversation with sending dick pic. For example, single ladies from Ukraine don’t like it, but, all in all, you need to think twice before sending anything erotic to your chat-mate. Careers of certain people were totally ruined by their leaked nude photos. Let’s have a look at a few examples of careers being ruined by leaked nude pictures.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams was the first ever African-American to become Miss America. Being crowned in 1983, the next year she received an anonymous phone call. The stranger told her that he had her nude pictures. The photos has been taken in 1982 by the photographer Tom Chiapel. At that time Williams was working as a makeup artist in New York, and Tom Chiapel asked her and another model to pose for him naked. According to Williams, Chiapel wanted to try a new concept of silhouettes. He photographed her and another model in a few sexual positions, and promised to destroy the photos. Bob Guccione, the Penthouse publisher, bought the photos and published them in the September issue of his magazine, resulting in Williams withdrawing from Pageant. Williams career as Beauty Queen has been damaged, but she embarked on a successful musical and acting career, while her photos netted Guccione a profit of $15 million.
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